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Color Your World with Kandinsky & Ms. Sara

Hello Artists! I'm glad you are joining me today for a short art lesson! We will be drawing in our Art Journals and learning about Wassily Kandinsky as we create Kandinsky-inspired Collaged Trees!

You will need these supplies:

• Pencil & Eraser

• Glue stick (or Elmer's glue)

• Scissors

• 2 pieces of white paper (or an Art Journal & 1 piece of white paper)

• 1 piece of blue paper

• 1 piece of green paper

• 3-5 pieces of different colored paper

• Magazines or Newspapers (to tear up and collage)

• 3 different sized caps for tracing circles (or you can freehand them!)

Please share this video with any of your friends who might want to get creative too! Tag me on instagram or facebook using @cywdesigns #cywdstudio so I can see all your amazing trees!! I would LOVE to see what you all learned and created! Thanks so much! Sara :)

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